We Evaluate Better, We Buy faster.

A Track Record of Successful Acquisitions

The way we do Businesses


We are genuine cash home buyers. We always have and always will use our own cash funds.


We are the original cash house buyer. We have purchased over 6,000 properties, regularly stepping in when other companies or buyers disappoint.


We buy properties in all shapes and sizes, and we always work to YOUR timescale. Only a genuine cash buying company can offer this level of flexibility.


Your details are safe. We never sell personal information to third parties or other cash-buying companies.


Your house or flat will be independently valued by local estate agents and qualified surveyors, and appraisals.


No cost to receive an offer and no hard sell. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you are free to walk away.


About the Firm

We pride ourselves on being transparent about what we do and how much we pay. Any property we have purchased in the past was paid for using our cash funds. As a direct cash home buyer, you can rest assured we can close on your home or any property fast with no need for you to wait on home buyers to obtain a mortgage. A lot can go wrong in that process. We are willing, ready, and able buyers that can move swiftly when the opportunity arises. With us, there is no miss-selling, no cash buyer tie-in agreements, no brokering and wholesaling deals. We do not sell your personal information to third-party house buyers. We can guarantee service levels that are second to none.

How We Work

Seller Contacting us

Request a valuation on your house from one of our property experts by giving us your information and the property form. You can do this by calling us at (845) 418-5299. using the property valuation form on our site will be faster. Our Customer service will collect your information and will forward it immediately to our real estate professionals investors who work in your market. We DREB you as the owner always dealing with us as your home buyer directly.


Give us information about your property

Assuming you are thinking about selling your home to us.
The first step for you to take is to give us detailed information about your property. Any buyer who will aim to buy your property will have to know about your property sooner or later. We need this info so we can give you an offer based on your property characters. On our property info page, you’ll be able to fill up our short property information form. This will give us a first glance at your home and we can start the home valuation process.

we Evaluate The Property

After receiving your property information form, we will run some comps. We will look at your town’s assessed value of your property. We will run some apprisals technics from the income approach if your property is generating rental income and what the maximum it can generate it’s as-is condition. If it is a different property, like a condo or single home, we will run some other method of calculation to achieve the fair market value that we will offer. We will run some replacement and substitute cost approaches besides other formulas and scenarios. We will come up with an offer.


Property Viewing & Inspecting

At some point, we will need to visit your property. When we run comps to establish value, we run them based on the like sold properties similar to yours. However, we are not getting sufficient information about the condition and usability of your home. For example, a three-bedroom home, and three bedrooms home that has a railroad-type layout, have much lower desirability and lower value because it results in a none functional floor plan. We will not be able to establish that if we are not inspecting your property. Also, to see the overall condition of the home.

We Coming up with an Offer

After doing our due diligence and obtaining all the data about your property. We will come up with an offer of what we think the value is and how much we are willing to pay for your home. Our offer will be more solid after we viewed and inspected the property. You will also have an option to give us more detailed info about your property in the property report section on our website so we can know ahead of time what issues the property has if at all.


Hopefully, We have a Mutual Agreement

If we in agreement and you accepted our offer, we will draft a contract. At that point, we would like to inspect your property. 99% of the time and the homes we buy, we inspect before buying them. It is rare that we but sites unseen properties, and those properties that we buy are mainly for demolitions and rebuilt. We normally buy those at land value.

We Going into contract

It’s a deal! Or not. Once you accept our initial offer or we accept you’re counter-offer, it becomes a legally binding contract, and we both need to meet the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. If we cannot agree on all the terms laid out in the offer, there is no agreement or contract.


Closing Date

The closing date is the final step of the process. You are getting paid and we are taking possession of the property. If negotiation is fast and everything goes according to the plan we can close buying your home fast and early as 48 hours. The fact we do not depend on or need to wait for finance makes it easy for us to close and for you to get paid fast for your home.

Contact Us


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